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    Sent to: Stephen Harper, Kyle Fawcett, Naheed Nenshi, Gian-Carlo Carra.

    Sent by: Mike Latour

As you are all aware, Calgary city council has opted to go forward with the park closure. I, and my family, have a hard time understanding this decision. I/we all can understand a decision that would benefit the residents of Calgary, but this decision baffles me, as well as the rest of the residents of this small park, seems to benefit no one. It does however affect the lives of approximately one hundred and eighty families. Some of these families have lived here since the park opened. How callous and obviously uncaring this decision seems to be from our perspective.

City council has given us, as well as the Calgary community as a whole, several reasons for this decision. We have heard how the infrastructure is failing, and how costly the necessary repairs would cost, and my immediate thought is, when the infrastructure fails, and it will, in the surrounding communities, will this same council tell these home owners the same thing. Too bad, move... I think not. These homes may be called mobile, and maybe that's the problem, but these families have made this park their home.

We were all told about the new park that was to be built, and then, sorry, you're on your own. We will subsidise you for what amounts to be a portion of the costs to relocate. I guess in councils mind, the problem has been handled. I beg to differ. It may be a cost effective solution for the city, but when you consider the absolute absurdity in city spending, I still fail to understand this decision.

A prime example, in my mind at least, is the city landfill at the bottom of sixty eight Street. I went to the landfill yesterday to dispose of some packaging materials from new furniture. Imagine my surprise. A landfill that is quickly becoming a showpiece. Nicer paved roads than most communities, concrete islands, and oh yes. A beautiful throw and go site, complete with staff members to make sure you have sorted your trash, and put it in the right bin. I see a major problem in our future with a small percentage of the population thinking, and rightly so, that a midnight dump on a side street is so much easier. Gone is the free tippage fee for small amounts of trash. I paid the minimum charge and went on my way, the whole time thinking to myself the city can't afford to fix problems for park residents, but we can afford to have a showpiece trash facility. Oh, I'm sure the response would be that the landfill with its user fees will pay for itself. So do we. This park collects in excess of one million dollars a year in rental fees, and other than trash collection, and the occasional run through by snow removal equipment, or lawn cutting on what I/we consider city property, we haven't received any special treatment, nor do we expect it.

Calgary has spent money on a designer pedestrian bridge, a condemned hotel in the downtown core, and too many other inane projects to mention, that it makes most Calgarians wonder, is an intelligent person ever going to run for office? Where are the Ralph Kleins of today, the politicians who care about the bottom line, as well as the people? One of my father's favourite sayings is, God loves stupid people. He sure put enough of them down here I tend to agree with him, but why is it that these people all seem to want to control our lives. An intelligent person wouldn't spend forty million to rebuild as opposed to spending ten million to repair. It doesn't seem to matter to these people because if you spend too much, what the hell, raise taxes. There can't be a single business owner in politics. If there was, they would understand that when you run out of money you are bankrupt. Or do they understand, and just don't care. After all, they aren't in office forever. Just until the next election and then maybe. Another prime example of stupidity in spending from our elected leaders is the millions of dollars in signage on Alberta roads, "distracted driving law in effect". Why don't we just put up billboards with every single law on the books. What the hell. We spent millions to let everyone know when the law was passed, and then millions more to remind us every ten miles. Not sure about the rest of society, but I find these signs to be a major distraction on their own.

Summation. Why don't all of you as our duly elected officials start doing the responsible thing and look after our tax dollars, as well as the good of all your constituents We all want a quiet life, with officials that run our country and communities. Not our lives. The day will come, and I hope very soon when your actions are judged and either condemned publicly, or applauded. Let's all remember that there are far too many Danielle Smiths in the world.

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