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    Sent to:
        Naheed Nenshi
(Current City of Calgary Mayor),
        Gian-Carlo Carra (Current Midfield (Ward 9) Councilman),
        Kyle Fawcett (Current Midfield (Calgary Klein Constituency) MLA)

    Sent by:
        Cynthia (Cindy) and Brian MacDonald

We have a home in Midfield Mobile Home Park, a home that may be 39 years old, but it is a home we are very proud of, and in a Community we are proud to be part of. All of us here in Midfield are human beings and deserve to be treated as such, and not be treated as a disposable commodity.

We are not going to get into the ins and outs of what has occurred here, you are very aware of what you have done and how you have done it, and I can't help but think you all may be even ashamed of it, otherwise it wouldn't have been all done behind closed doors and be being kept secret.

This letter is being written to inform you that my husband and I will NOT be demolishing nor moving our home from the Midfield Community. We will NOT even remotely consider the thought until such time the City steps up and does what is right, and does it with the Midfield Community's FULL involvement and our vote approval, not secretly by City Council behind closed doors. As of right now you haven't even come close to doing what is right. No more playing games with peoples lives and homes.

We want to see the reports on our infrastructure, should the infrastructure actually be failing we want you at the very least to either:

  1. Offer a buyout of full market replacement value, if our home is deemed unmoveable, you will still pay full market replacement value, plus pay the costs for moving our household belongings to a new location, pay for utility cut-off/reconnection, and arrange demolition/removal, or
  2. We want you: to provide a new location (upon our approval) with City of Calgary amenities nearby with our pad rent remaining the same as it is now, to arrange and pay to relocate us (moving permits included), to pay for utility disconnect and reconnects, to pay for places to stay while the move is taking place, to be set up in the new location -which includes: levelling, re-skirting, with additions, decking, steps, sheds, and landscaping as we have now - ALL at no cost what-so-ever to us.
    Plus $10,000.00 settlement payment for the ongoing emotional distress you have caused.
    The City of Calgary will be fully responsible for the clean-up at Midfield Park after the move.
    *No release waivers will be signed until this is all done to our satisfaction, or
  3. Just repair/replace the infrastructure and leave us where we are.
Right was done for the residents and their homes when relocating the mobile home park from Dalhousie, why can't you do what's right for us?

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