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    Sent to: Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra and Midfield Cooperative
    Sent by: Kay Friesen

Dear Mr. Nenshi,

I have been a resident of Midfield for 33 years (1981). I moved in here as I was unable to afford the rents at that time in Calgary; as I was in the middle of a divorce; I was able to afford the mobile.

This is a three bedroom home for me and I am able to make any decisions concerning this on my own accord without the possibility of someone vetoing it.

Also, I find that it is a centrally located place to hospitals (Foothills - Cardiac), shopping, etc.. To move me will make it impossible for me to obtain a new home (400,000 - 600,000) or a place comparable. Also, I would have to quit my part time job at the church as I would be too far away.

Would you be able to supply me with a two bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and in suite laundry for the rent that I pay today or would I have to live on the street with the rest of the homeless.

In the beginning of this fiasco, the City promised a place to relocate our homes which they now will not do. (SHAME ON YOU) Also, $10,000 to either move or clean up our lots does not leave us a surplus to do anything with (we will probably have to pay extra) There are not many lawyers out there that will charge $500. for this case which will entail paying extra again. I do not see why we should be penalized for living here.

If the City is selling this land to a developer: let them pay for the clean up as they have the proper equipment to do it.

Now you can see that you will be leaving me as well as the rest of our Park without finances to afford anything.

P. S. This is a good community of people and we are PEOPLE that pay your salaries to do WHAT IS RIGHT.

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