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    Sent to: Kyle Fawcett, Michelle Rempel, Stephen Harper.
    Sent by: Janine Hussey

To whom this may concern:

This letter is in regards to the decisions being made that are not fair, not respectful and just not right about the Midfield Mobile "Home" Park. In 2008 my mother's parents died, which is exactly where the money came from for her (my mother) for the first time in her 51 years to purchase and own a home unit 44 at the Midfield Mobile Home Park. It was the first time and only time my mom could stop worrying and have security in life about where we would live.
I have always lived with my mom. From a young age I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and panic disorder as well as a couple years of agoraphobia.
When I turned 20 years old I became pregnant and I had a daughter. But due to my medical issues my mm shared custody of my daughter with me, and we came to Alberta from B.C.
In 2008 she was able to buy this home at Midfield Park.
Mom never had much, but she tried very hard in life. She was strong, loving sharing and giving. She was always there for my daughter and myself.
Mom became ill in the last year and a half, and with that happening she gifted this mobile home to my daughter and me so we would have some security and a home to remain in if she did not make it, because she knew I cannot work, I am on a disability income.
Unfortunately mom did pass away in April of this year, and now I am here at the mobile home, but we are being told that we have only 3 years left here. I have not got anywhere to move this home to nor do I have much money. I know that my mother paid $45,000 cash for this place, and I promised her in the hospice I would not let this home go, and if I had to I would make sure not to lose what she put into this home so I would have somewhere to live always so she could pass away peacefully and not worry about me or whether or not I would be okay. But now being offered not even half of what she spent to be here when it was all she ever had, is more than an insult and half of that offer is to move the mobile home or demolish it. Either way is terrifying me, I am scared about what I'm going to seriously do in 3 years. $10,000 dollars as anyone knows is not enough to move or demo this and also have enough to find something else to call home. I could not even get a mortgage if I needed to, and at this point I'm a homeowner but in 3 years I will be homeless?
Even more so living with my disorder being here at Midfield is truly the perfect solution for me, I'm close to my doctors, stores, good honest neighbors, it's been wonderful for me to try to heal from my issues, it's comfortable and convenient.
It's not fair what's going on, and I'm not the only one that knows this.
At least if I was to get the money paid to be here, it would make it easier to find something that works, another place to call home. Mom and I thought I would have somewhere to call home and not worry any more about being able to afford it. But now, I don't know what will happen, and it's no different for anyone else in this park, everyone is upset, stressed out, and scared for our futures. But for me personally those feelings are 100% worse because I live with anxiety and panic disorders and I don't know what the future holds, or what I'm going to do. Imagine yourselves being bulldozed out of your homes.
Please don't leave me or any of us in this position, by just destroying the only home I know or we know.
This was all my mom could think of to do for me before she passed away, was unit 44 Midfield Mobile Home Park. A home, security, a future.
Please reconsider the decisions that are being made, or at least the residents futures that you are playing with.

Thank you.

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