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    Sent to: Gian-Carlo Carra Councillor WARD 9
    Sent by: Mary Hodgkinson

In my opinion "The illegal acquisition and subsequent demolition of 10 homes so far at Midfield mobile home community, is not only an utter outrage, but has been done both illegally and immorally.

I have spoken with Bruce Conway, Media Relations for Alberta Health Services, who informs me "he" is unaware of any homes being forced to be raised to the ground by anyone from his department.
I DO however, checking records and other documentation, see #14 Midfield Park 954 - 16th Avenue NE was indeed bought for in the region of $47,500.00 to be condemned!

I have much more information on the wrong doings ...... which I have catalogued accordingly, (ammunition for the moral and political integrity of these people at Midfield.)

Sincerely, Mary Hodgkinson respond via email please! and thank you.

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