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    Sent to: Michelle Rempel MP and Blake Richards MLA
    Sent by: Mary Hodgkinson

Thank you for your reply to my earlier letter,

To approach the City of Calgary would normally be the first step, unfortunately they are the perpetrators of this issue: The removal of residents who have lived here, many for 40 years plus! With NO alternatives, just 3 years and you're out!

You say you kindly conferred with colleagues in the office of the Hon. Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary Centre North. You also say the Federal Government has no standing in this matter! Really? As a Canadian I have always been educated to believe the Federal Government oversees the happenings of the Provincial Government.

Anyway, thank you for your delayed but welcome response.

This is Canada, not some 3rd world, where people can be disposed of as if garbage, there are veterans of World War II living at Midfield Park, who sacrificed their lives for all of us, and to think I will let this matter drop is (I have to say) a tad.... naive.

I am fully aware of the Canadian charter for the rights of the people. With great sincerity, but also compassion for fellow Canadians.

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