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    Sent to: Mayor Nenshi and Gian-Carlo Carra
    Sent by: Cindy MacDonald

I am still waiting for a reply to the email I sent on 7th July 2014.

Did you know the CHC property manager of Midfield had called up homeowners that agreed to demolish their homes to say an extra $3000.00 will have to be added to the already signed agreement - if they couldn't pay it, that it would have to come off the $10,000.00 tenant closure payment?

He told them not to be mad at the City for the extra cost but to call the Midfield Mobile Home Co-operative president and complain to him - because that is the reason for the extra cost - that safety fences are now required (the extra cost). The homeowners did call the MMHC president very, very emotionally upset and in tears - these are seniors - did they need this extra trauma added? In the end (for reasons we are unaware of) the property manager called these people back and said the extra $3000.00 will not be added. A little too late - they have already been emotionally stressed and upset further - as was the MMHC president, a near 80 year old man.

- I would also like to inform you that I had invited the owners of the recently demolished home to my home, I repeat: I invited them to my home! The same Midfield property manager took it upon himself to approach my invited company as they were getting out of their vehicle (in my lot) - when I went out to greet them the property manager was gone, I asked what that was all about and they said "he told them they have to get off his property or he will call the police". His property? Am I not allowed to have people I invited over to my home anymore?

This is so morally and ethically wrong - heads should be hung in shame and that property manager be disciplined and removed from being a Property Manager in Midfield.


How is it the City doesn't have to install 6' safety fences around homes that are being demolished in Midfield? Why is our health being put at risk when some of the older homes being demolished may contain contaminates? Are we not worthy of taking the safety code regulated demolition precautions? I witnessed children and seniors walking right where "minutes before" the track-hoe had over-compensated and debris fell over the side of the disposal container - right where they walked. A neighbor to the demolished site had to go out and pick up broken glass and debris off his lawn right after the demolition was complete. This is just not right or safe - we deserve better than that.

Why does the City feel it is necessary to come in and "disturb the peaceful enjoyment" of our homes and community and emotionally traumatize us further by making us the witness the noisy demolition/destruction of homes - could this not wait until the park is closed? Does the City feel that the homeowners in Midfield are not in enough pain so they decided to upset/scare them further by making them witness the demolition of neighbors homes?

I implore you to do the ethical and moral thing - fulfill the "Go Forward Strategy" commitments. Build a new park and move us there, or at the very least offer replacement value for our homes. Don't force homeowners in Midfield to lose everything - our community - our home equity.

You know there is no place to move our homes to in Calgary or even in neighboring towns - you know our homes are worth more than $10,000.00

A Midfield Resident

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