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    Sent to: Mayor Nenshi,
    Sent to: All 14 City Councillors - February 17, 2015
    Sent by: Moon Ross

Hello Mayor Nenshi,

It has been a while now since I have been contemplating writing this letter to you but I could not bring myself to do so until now.

I am a homeowner in Midfield Mobile Park. I have been living here now for two years with my husband and daughter.

Sir, my husband who studied at SAIT (Business Administration and Oil and Gas) was not fortunate to secure a job in either of these fields. In order to provide for his family and cover student loans, he accepted janitorial work. From this (cleaning floors and scrubbing toilets) we managed to save some of this money to purchase a property in Midfield. So the next time you and all of your council sit on a toilet, please take a moment to think about the people who clean them --like us (thank you, sir). As far as getting a house, this was all we could afford. Now, because we both worked so hard to earn this money, we wanted to make sure that we were making a safe investment. I remember NORTEL, ENRON, BRE-X, SINOFOREST and hundreds of others. So, before we bought our house, we got the realtor to make the seller contact THE CITY OF CALGARY to get valid documentation and proof that the City is building a new park because we knew from media reports that Midfield Park was closing. We did not want to make an investment based on media reports. We waited for two weeks and finally got the information package from the City, verifying, validating and authenticating that a new park would be built to take our house. From the package I quote:


What is the Go Forward Strategy for Midfield Mobile Home Park?

The Go Forward Strategy is the RELOCATION strategy for Midfield Park. THE COUNCIL APPROVED THE GO FORWARD STRATEGY and it includes:

  1. The construction of the new mobile home park, East Hills Estates.
  2. The relocation allowance that will be provided to registered Midfield tenants and
  3. The closure of Midfield Park.
So Mayor Nenshi, based on the above initiatives in the document issued to us by THE CITY OF CALGARY, we then purchased a mobile house in Midfield Park. After renting for 23 years in Calgary it sure felt wonderful to own a little place. We were happy to come home to a place where no one is above or below us. We found Midfield to be a peaceful, quiet and safe place with friendly neighbours. My family has been so happy living here until May 27th, 2014 when we received a notice from THIS SAME CITY OF CALGARY, stating that the undertaking to relocate Midfield residents was withdrawn and there would be no new park built. This was utterly devastating to my family because we realized that since there is no PLACE to take our house it will be demolished in 2017. This decision made by you and your Council has now made our investment WORTHLESS. Come 2017, we will be HOMELESS because we have nowhere to take our house. Thanks to the well paid CEO OF THE CITY OF CALGARY FOR BREAKING THE COMMITMENT THEY ISSUED TO US.

In the depressed state of the park you valued our house at $70,000 and are taxing me based on that, but are offering me $10,000 if I qualify or am eligible to receive this, instead of THE PROMISED NEW PARK.

I cannot comprehend how educated men like you and your council would concord with such an inhumane decision like this. Pet owners who have to part with their pets for whatever reasons do not just throw them out on the streets. Laws are in place for owners to provide another home for them. I am sure if this information is presented to a grade six child in a third world country he or she will question the academic credentials of you and your council members. This leadership does not seem to have basic common sense. It is like one trying to extract a tooth using someone who has no dental experience. Maybe no one was sober at the time of this decision. So, please let me remind you of what you said when asked by the media about Midfield.

My number one priority in this is doing the RIGHT THING FOR THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE THERE and making sure that we preserve their ability to live a great life in Calgary.

So Sir, what provision was made for the houses by you and your council? TIME. No one puts a house on the foundation of TIME. We the residents in Midfield Park DO NOT NEED 3 years or 25 years or $10,000. What we need is for you and your council to do the right thing by honouring your commitment to us and build us the park as was promised. We need a PLACE to put our house not TIME.

Parents try not to be hypocrites in the eyes of their children by telling them one thing and then doing another much less coming from THE BEST MAYOR OF THE WORLD. One should lead by example. But how can you care for these poor low income families in Midfield Park when your knowledge of family life (experience) is compared to what a rabbit would know about snow shoes. Your decision on this matter speaks volume of your character.

Mr. Nenshi, what makes you and your council think that your decision was right, fair, proper and good? This city has been collecting pad rent and house taxes from this park since from the early 70's. How come the city seems to always have funds to build bike paths, paint art works, build bridges, save golf courses, Cecil hotel that still sits there, etc., and when it comes to building a park for the poorest community in this city, so that the aged residents can spend their retirement in peace and happiness, the mayor and council members could care less. Now, again please let me remind you of what you said.

A mayor knows (or at least, should know) the real needs and wants of their citizens and has the opportunity (much of the time) to make the lives of their citizens better every day.

Sir, can you see yourself living what you are preaching? Action speaks louder than words.

We were told by you and your council as far as a new park is concerned, it is not financially viable. Not that we need help. No, the city has collected rent and property taxes from the park for 40+ years. This news from you all has made people's lives miserable who live here. We felt betrayed by our CEO. You helped out one community during the flood but now you turn your back on another. As a mayor you have obligations to help your people like a parent would their child, or like a pet owner would do for their pet. Does this demonstrate how you and your council look after the low income families in Calgary?

I personally believe that 'the world's best mayor' should try to meet the needs of every community. However, you seem to be destroying the lives of these people and don't care as to what will become of them. Does this decision seem right? Does this make sense to anyone? I am wondering if this is part of your job description as the world's best mayor to make people's lives miserable and destitute. A city is composed of communities, which in turn are made up of families; individuals in their homes.

We as humans treat animals (cats and dogs, etc.) with care and love providing our domestic pets with a good home so that they don't roam the streets out in the cold. Laws are enforced to protect these animals from being abused. In Calgary, we have a mayor who graduated from Harvard, with his council, who have decided to bulldoze mobile homes leaving over 300 human beings homeless and destitute. Maybe you are not aware that these citizens who live in this city in these mobile homes are humans just like you and your council members.

The home owners at Midfield Park are humans just like you and your council and not animals. We deserved to be treated as humans. Since it is wrong to leave animals homeless and not to abuse them, don't you think it is wrong for you and your council to throw us out on the street in 2017? It seemed like the previous mayor and his council not only have hearts but big ones because they were willing to spend $26 million to provide a park for our mobile homes. (That's why I invested my money). I can see care and concern in their heart for the poor citizens of this city but as for you and your council, I see nothing of these attributes in all of you.
You, know sir, whenever one gets into a higher position they always think that they can use their authority and power to do what they want. Pride always goes before a fall.

Frequent media appearance of oneself is a true sign of trying to just gain fame and popularity. One can fool some of the people some of the time, but cannot fool all of the people, all of the time. It is just a matter of time before Calgarians wake up from their sleep to face reality.
Mr. Mayor let me remind you that there have been men in high positions before you. What made these fellows great were the decisions they made. I would like to mention out of the thousands, one named HITLER. I saw images and read books about him. I am sure you and your council did too. I saw him pass through a crowd where thousands saluted him and said Hail Hitler. What great respect and honour was given to him. Now that he is gone, history lets us know the REAL Hitler. I could not believe that this same man whom people respected and saluted was such a monstrous murderer behind their backs. He took all the Jews away from their homes and burned, gassed or shot them. Maybe he thought that they were not humans like he was. Where is Hitler today? See, one has to watch what he or she does with power that comes with an office. Power without character is satanic. When history presents Hitler today we do not see a GREAT Man, we see a GREAT MONSTER. Truth has a way of coming out (Decision to kick out Midfield residents was made behind CLOSED DOORS). Is this a promise of openness and true government?

Ever watch the movie THE TEN COMMANDMENTS? Watch that fella use his power on Moses. Then watch that same fella what he said on his death bed. Wrong things we do in life always comes back to haunt us. They always catch up with us. One would think that men who became leaders would have the common sense to learn from history after seeing the results of others gone before them. It is so sad to see them even today making the same mistakes again.

Now Mr. Mayor, Calgary is a beautiful city and as such you want to make it more beautiful (nothing wrong with this) but while you are consumed with such a dream image in your mind please stop for a moment and think that down here (Earth) we have NO CONTINUING CITY. Ever heard of Pompeii and Babylon? Where are those cities today? I am sure the Mayors of these cities thought that their beautiful cities would always BE. History lets us know that they were so very wrong. A city is about people. People comes first. Any other thing is secondary. Violation of this basic principle spells for disaster. History.

So Sir, reading stories to little children, walking and making them laugh is ok, but please don't forget that these same children will grow up and read the history of you, that while you were making them laugh, behind their backs (closed doors) you were making their grandparents homeless. While the previous Mayor made provision to take care of their impeding homelessness. You see, it is not the big nice things one do in life that counts. It's the little things (decisions) not done right will tarnish their history forever and forever.

Now Mayor Nenshi, I think I have said enough to express my concerns regarding your decision for Midfield Park. It's a wrong and unfair decision you and your council have made to Midfield residents. Mayor Nenshi, it is not too late for you to honour your commitment to US AND ALL THE RESIDENTS OF MIDFIELD PARK and make the right decision by building a new park for us to move our houses to, or give us at least a fair replacement value for our homes. Then, of course the city of Calgary can take their land but please Sir, don't bulldoze our homes. It is not the right thing to do. Show Calgary that you have love, care and concern for the poor people. That would fit nicely with your decision to reduce homelessness in the city. Wouldn't this be nice for the kids to read when your history is written? I think it would be splendid indeed.

In closing, I would like to remind you and your council, that:

  1. You will not be in this position forever,
  2. You will not be young forever, and
  3. You will not live forever.
The evil that men do lives after them, so do well today and leave the legacy of a good mayor like the great Sir Ralph K.

Your human consideration is this matter would be greatly applauded and appreciated.

Midfield Homeowner

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