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    Sent to: Gian-Carlo Carra
    Sent by: Marilyn Murray

I have been following the articles on the Midfield Mobile Home Park.....I don't live there but have a very close friend that does.....if the City closes the park and forces over 300 people out of homes they own along with their pets, there are not enough affordable places in this city for them to go to.....aside from the fact that they will still have to pay on mortgages for homes that the City seems to want to demolish.....there are a lot of seniors living there (my friend is a senior) Canadian veterans who deserve to be treated better and low income families......I have signed their petition and have forwarded it to family and friends across Canada....most are disappointed that a City like Calgary would treat people in this manner.....the City has broken a promise on building a new park so at least agree to stop the demolition of the homes there and put on hold the closure of the park until a developer can built a new mobile home park.

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