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    Sent to: Mayor Naheed Nenshi
    Sent by: Mass Email...

On behalf of Midfield Homeowners, I Demand Answers to All the questions below:

- what does the word "Commitment" (both written and spoken) mean to you?
- why are Midfields sanitary & water lines the Only community "deemed" to be failing when other areas in the City which are much, much older are Not?
- why engineering reports on the sanitary & water lines under Midfield are being kept "Confidential" - this alone makes it failing suspect.
- why did building the new park suddenly become not financially feasible especially when land had already been purchased for it.
- why is not financially feasible?
- why did All information on the Midfield/East Hills Estates in regards to the "Go Forward Strategy" suddenly became Confidential?
- what is there to hide?
- why are the Councillor's and your vote about Midfield kept confidential? Why can't the public know who voted for what?
- why did the City still decide to close Midfield park when report after report given to the City show this: at this point of time the operating revenue of more than covers the repair costs associated with service line failures.
- where did that "excess revenue" go over the last 42 years?
- why was Midfield left to fall apart, to "supposedly" beyond repair?
- why didn't the City look after their property properly (Midfield)
- why can't new sanitary and water lines be laid in front of homes and fed into the homes Versus having to move homes to replace old lines under them?
- how can you rationalize lifting homes to replace lines will cause home damage, yet think lifting and moving them out of the park wont'?
- when did the "land use zoning" for Midfield Park change?
- how does spending 36Mil to purchase land for the once proposed new mobile home park, plus the cost to put in infrastructure/services at the new park, plus another 5Mil to Midfield homeowners Versus spending abt $20Mil (high estimate) to upgrade sanitary and water lines under Midfield make financial sense to the City?
- who is paying the $36Mil loan for the land purchased for the "once proposed" new mobile home park now? Re: Borrowing Bylaw # 12B2009, does the public (tax paying citizens) not deserve to know who is now paying this? It's not being paid back through lot rent now.
- where do you expect Midfield Homeowners to move their homes to when there are No empty lots in Calgary. You do realize that because of this the only option is demolish their homes - homes they own!
- why you think $10,000.00 is a "fair deal" when homes in Midfield are worth much, much more than that?
- what do you think Midfield homeowners who still owe mortgages are supposed to do? Just demolish their homes & go bankrupt?
- why are Midfield homeowners being treated like lower then low class citizens & ignored? Why are they not getting the services and representation they pay for and have paid for for years?
- why have you never visited Midfield park since you were elected, and why do you very, very rarely respond to inquiries about Midfield by Midfield residents?
- why are you Not responding to the Midfield petition?

Midfield homeowners are tax paying citizens, they deserve to be acknowledged, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect - not just tossed aside & ignored like they don't even matter.


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