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We would like you to do a story on how City Council justifies not developing East Hills Estates, esp after they spent $36 Mil buying the land for it – land that sits empty to this day.

How does City Council justify closing Midfield when they knew there is nowhere to move all the homes to?

How do they justify that $10 G is enough compensation for the homes in Midfield? Where did that lo-ball # come from?

Why were all of City Councils decisions (votes) on closure and not to build new park done in secret, during in-camera meetings?

Why will City Council not release the infrastructure reports done on Midfield – siting confidentiality once again? What’s to hide?

Why won’t the Mayor or City Councillors divulge which way they voted on the closure and decision not to go ahead on building new park? Shouldn’t all citizens know who voted to destroy a neighbourhood especially with an election coming up? What are they so scared of?

In your last story you said the City will be moving in to remove underground utilities and prepare the land for grading – why can they put money into that and not into fixing the infrastructure so we do not have to move or demolish our homes? The story that it would be too difficult because the pipe lies under our homes is bogus – made up as there are other ways to repair or replace pipe – diagonally is one way and also cheaper than other ways. I’d also like to know why when the city says they could damage homes if they replaced pipe because they have to lift the homes up – yet expect us to be able to move the homes out without damaging them? How does that even make sense?

Homeowners located on the west LRT construction path were compensated with “fair market value” for their homes, homeowners along the proposed north line up centre street will be compensated with “fair market value” for their homes, Homeowners in Midfield park are offered a pittance for their homes and the City’s position on this decision amounts to “we really didn’t have to offer anyone anything and we have been more than generous”. Any existing infrastructure issues in Midfield Park are a direct result of a lack of maintenance on the part of the landlord; the City of Calgary. No doubt, if this were privately owned land and the residents were to go to the City to complain about the treatment by our landlord, the City would be outraged and seeking every headline opportunity in an effort to show support for the poor residents. Remember when apartment building owners were trying to displace long term residents to cash in on Condo conversions, it sure didn’t take the worlds greatest mayor long to be completely outraged at that sort of treatment. Just sayin’.

Also ask when the last major pipe break in Midfield happened, and why. The answer should be the summer of 2012, and that the break happened due to maintenance error if they will admit that. *They came to do routine maintenance, they broke a valve, had to order in a new one, in the meantime a backhoe fell in the hole they dug to replace the valve. Valve repaired and maintenance done, and we were all asked to run our water, flush our toilets to clear the pipes of possible debris. While we were doing this a higher up in the maintenance dept arrived, he wondered why the pressure was low and cranked up the pressure (it was low because we were running water like we were told to) – this abnormal crank up to our pressure caused 2 breaks down the line shutting us down for even longer.

It would be nice for once if the media got info from the City then ask Midfield homeowners to respond instead of always the other way around.

There are just too many “secrets” in these decisions involving Midfield homeowners and they need to be brought to light.

We, the homeowners in Midfield deserve an answer.


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