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       Owned by the City of Calgary, Midfield Mobile Home Park is situated in Calgary, Alberta in the northeast neighbourhood of Mountview, alongside the Trans Canada Highway. It was first established in the 1960's, and today 183 families call the park home.

       Though it may differ in size and appearance from the more traditional neighbourhoods, the park is very much a community of its own, with some members in residence for 30 - 40 years (or more).

       For the past several years, Midfield has faced an uncertain future, primarily due to the rising cost of repairing/replacing the aging infrastructure (i.e.: the waste removal system). Recently, the City of Calgary decided to implement a "Go Forward Strategy" which would force the relocation of all 183 homes. The new property at the eastern edge of the city limits, is a poorly accessed barren field, meagerly serviced and all but devoid of any amenities. As of May 27, 2014, this location is moot, as the entire new plan has been cancelled.

       This web site is designed to reflect the faces behind the statistics: to show that "183" is not the number of simple structures (mistakenly regarded as "portable"), that can be shuffled expediently from one location to another. These are "183" real homes, occupied by real people, with lives and families and stories to tell. In fact, as of August 2, 2014, the park had 306 residents in total, of which 104 were seniors and 7 were veterans.

       For that reason, I hope as many residents as possible will take the opportunity to submit an account of their life in Midfield Park and the reason(s) they chose it as their community. Any one living in the park is welcome. Please visit the "SUBMIT A STORY" page on the website where you can make an entry, long or short (the 'square' will expand to accommodate the writing). If you are unfamiliar with this type of form, perhaps a friend or family member could be of assistance. The collected narratives will be posted on "THE RESIDENTS" page of the site, if anyone would like to read them.

       Thank you in advance for your interest and cooperation.

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